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THE FAMOUS FOUNTAINS is the developer of top range water fountains. We provide the largest range of water designs to beautify your environment according to your desire.

We are serving of our experience of water designs since 2005.

We provide the complete services of designing, developing and installing of the all type of water fountains, fountains nozzles, high quality water proof fountain lights, high quality LED lights with RGB color effect, automated controllable panel and other components.

Famous Fountains offer the good quality services from installation of water bodies to the complete maintenance of the project. Our equipments provide the high quality services.

Our wide industry knowledge and a hard working team of designers have enabled us to achieve a status of repute in the market in short time duration. Our quality services are also in conformation with the upcoming modern standards which has enabled us to pitch in for a wide client base. Our absolute quality prototype allows us to conduct various quality tests to promise that quality standards of our range match with the international standards thus ensuring complete client’s satisfaction.

We have progressed from design and manufacturing simple fountains to sequential fountains. Company is well equipped to execute any type of fountain and cascades lighting. The fountains are originally purely functional and technically, connected to springs or aqueducts and they can be used as decorative elements in gardens, hotels, public parks, circles, laws and courtyards.

We offer the best expertise, knowledgeable consultation and a full technical support regardless the project in a simple architectural feature or a complex water playhouse. 

We hope that you should find out the complete solution of water designs and for more information please contact us.